Idris Arshad
Idris Arshad studied MA Human Resource Management at London Met in 2011. Idris is now an HR Adviser for CAFOD (the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development). He wanted to share his experience at London Met. 

What does being a HR adviser involve?  

Human Resource Management (HRM) has many different definitions and perceptions, but to put it simply, I provide advice to managers and staff on all people-related matters.  I am responsible for providing an HR service to our country offices in Sudan and South Sudan, and to our Emergency Response Group. I am able to travel in my role and recently came back from a wonderful trip to Sudan. More specifically, I support managers in leading and developing their teams, support staff in being effective in their work and advice on policies and procedures. 

After finishing your degree how did you start your career? 

After completing my undergraduate studies in HR, I had a chance to work in the HR area via placements in different companies and worked in an HR assistant role. In August 2011, I decided to do a masters with London Met in Human Resource and Employment Management part-time whilst working full-time. I finished my Masters in September 2013 and I joined CAFOD in November 2015.
Photo of male graduate Idris Arshad