Hannah Townrow

Art and Design Extended Degree (now Art and Design (including foundation year) BA) student Hannah Townrow discusses how her art developed during the course.

Who or what has inspired you in your current work?

My current project started with an assignment based around the campus. To get started, I toured the building and documented surfaces, textures and things I found visually interesting. After research into Sol LeWitt and Julie Mehreto, I made my project about process and colour. I then decided to develop this into my major project, which gave me six weeks to find my own subjects and processes.

What have you found particularly valuable?

The freedom to develop my project how I want has given me a chance to make my work original. I developed a way of painting layers of colours and then rubbing the surface back to reveal the layers underneath. The major project has has been challenging, but has given me confidence and independence in my way of working.

Image of female student Hannah Townrow