Farah Mehdi

Graduate of the Psychology BSc course Farah Mehdi discusses her experience of studying at London Met.

What led you to choose the psychology degree course at London Met?

The BSc Psychology course at London Met suited me very well as I’ve always had an interest in clinical neuroscience and I found that the modules that I did in my third year really helped me understand what I wanted to get into. Also the employment modules on psychology help the students to understand what they need to achieve and what kind of experience they need in order to get into the career they want. Another benefit to the psychology course is that it is BPS accredited so you get an automatic membership to the BPS (British Psychological Society) once you graduate.

What do you feel you've gained from your study?

The skills that you learn from the psychology degree are quite broad – you can use all of those skills and apply them in other places, as for example, organisational skills, analytical skills, communication skills. You can use all these skills in other areas of your life.

How did you find the academic staff?

The psychology staff are really helpful – each semester they give you advice on what you should be doing and how you should be doing things in order to get the experience that you need. The lecturers incorporate new research into the courses, into the module that you study, they tell you about the new experiments that have been done, new medicines that have been found and they use all of that to try and teach you that psychology is always evolving; it’s all about learning, testing and theorising.

Anybody who comes to London Met needs to be be open to different experiences because at London Met you meet very different people, you experience many different things and you learn a lot from that and you need to realize that the class that you do here is very helpful if you want to have a career in psychology.

Farah Mehdi