Ewelina Bartkowska

We talk to Art and Design Extended Degree (now Art and Design (including foundation year) BA) student Ewelina Bartkowska, who discusses her latest art project at the School of Art, Architecture and Design.

What is the underlying thinking behind your art project?

Within my project I am bringing chaos to harmony – I study balance, illusion and motion, designing and making objects that trick the audience. Thanks to my tutors (and a bit of hard work) I can now say that the months I have spent at the School of Art, Architecture and Design are the very beginning of my career as a designer. Understanding the process of design and being able to evaluate my work in a critical way brought many creative alternatives to themes that I am devoted to. Thanks to the technicians and workshops facilities I could bring some of them to life. I have learned how to overcome the aesthetic problems while using professional programs and software.

What are your plans for your next project?

I am currently working on producing functional but sculptural pieces using the laser cutter and CNC machine.

Image of female student Ewelina Bartkowska