Dmitry Elizarov

Business Management BA graduate Dmitry Elizarov says London Metropolitan University encouraged his passion for the energy industry, leading to him write several magazine articles on the subject.

The talented international student, from Moscow, Russia, is a published writer whose articles have appeared in Diplomat Magazine and Oil of Russia. Dmitry believes the flexibility of his course and the contacts he has made at the University have been key to his success. The aspiring energy specialist also has a fascination with different cultures, and he wrote one article for Diplomat Magazine about the Tatar culture. This interest in diverse cultures was a driver in his decision to study abroad, and Dmitry is relishing the London experience. He has embraced London life and even joined a local bike riding club to pursue his other great interest of cycling. We talk to him about the highlights of his time at London Met.   

Whilst at London Met, what were the strengths of your course?

I have a passion for the energy industry, with a particular interest in Russian-East Asian oil relations. The best thing about studying at London Met is the opportunity to focus on many different areas during the course. This allowed me to go into the depths of finance and other issues that interest me, like energy, and apply them to my studies. I don’t think you find this kind of flexibility at other universities.

Can you tell us a bit about your article in one of Russia's leading trade magazines?

I published an article in Oil of Russia which looked at the structural aspects of building global oil companies in Russia. The knowledge I gained on the Business Management course at London Met was integral to this.

What do you do in your spare time?

I’m a member of the Lewisham and Greenwich Cycling Club, and we go all over the country on 80km bike rides. One of my aims is to cycle from London to Scotland, which is about 700km. That would be quite a bike ride!