Bhooshanlall Parsunoo

Bhooshanlall Parsunoo (Vash) is a man ruled by sensible decisions which ultimately paid off. His decision to study electronics was made after researching the job market and realising that this was a growing industry with a shortage of skilled labour. From a very young age, he also had a passion for technology, which encouraged him to build his career in the field. We talk to him about his study and career choices.

What made you choose this area of study?

"I have always been fascinated by how technology works. How can a radio play a song which is being broadcast miles away simultaneously without any physical wire connection? This was one of the many questions that intrigued me at a young age and inspired me to study science at secondary school and pursue tertiary studies in engineering." 

Why the UK in particular? We understand your father also studied at London Met. 

"My father is my inspiration. As a father and a teacher, he always told me that knowledge is a strong quality in life that does not deem age or money as a vital factor. If I want to learn about something or, for example, understand a simple theory in maths, I have to focus on the topic with an open mind and try to apply it to a real-life situation to get a practical understanding. That really helped me in my studies throughout my life."  

Vash's father, Mr Anandlall Parsunoo, graduated with a BEd degree from London Met and is a qualified special educational needs teacher with over 30 years of teaching experience. Vash followed in his father's footsteps and decided to study for a BEng in Electronic and Communications Engineering at London Met's campus along with his sister, Doormila, who was already here studying International Finance and Banking.

What did you do outside of study?

Vash immersed himself in student life and founded the London Met Mauritian Student Society with other Mauritian students and the help of a Mauritian lecturer. He also found part-time work as a customer assistant in a local supermarket, so he was occupied with studying and working part time. However, in his second year, he found that his part-time work was infringing on his studies so he made the logical decision to cut down on his hours.

"Studying abroad is an investment in your future. You need to ensure that you get an excellent return on your money and therefore it was important for me to put my studies first."

His decision paid off and Vash graduated with a First Class Honours BEng degree. After graduation he pushed himself to find work experience and secured a placement at a small company through Step Graduate Placements, an organisation helping recent graduates secure paid work placements. With this work experience under his belt he was able to get a full-time job at Coral as an IT Service Desk Analyst.

What made you come back to London Met for postgraduate study?

Vash wanted to pursue further studies in the telecommunications field and he returned to London Met to study for an MSc. He was awarded a full tuition fee scholarship through the London Met International Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme based on his excellent academic and extra-curricular activities.   

"You must have a target when investing in your future. You’re not just coming here to enjoy yourself or experience life away from the comforts of home. It is a very competitive world outside university and you have to make sure you stand out from the crowd to get yourself noticed. Following my professional experience, I knew that I wanted to eventually complete my Master’s degree here. I feel very lucky, honoured and thankful to be the first Mauritian to have won the postgraduate scholarship from London Metropolitan University."

Vash was recently awarded a Distinction in his MSc course.

What did you do after graduation?

Following his graduation, Vash and his partner, Amishta, came up with a viable business idea which they presented to Accelerator, London Met’s Business incubator. Their business idea to create an informative student magazine for students in the UK won the backing of Accelerator and The Student Press was created in July 2013. The Student Press already has a strong online presence and is growing quickly. 

“Sensible decisions come from previous experiences and therefore, I wanted to create a medium to show young people who are thinking of studying in the UK examples of how you can manage your student life smartly and succeed in your study abroad.”

In the last ten years, Vash has been working and gaining invaluable experience in IT. In this time, he founded a tech startup called Bookatechy, an on-demand platform to hire local ‘techys’ for hassle-free and convenient technical support for homes and businesses. The business aims to revolutionise the provision of tech support, and provides services in tech repairs (computer, laptop, smartphone, tablets repairs), tech security (kids and family online safety, smart home systems security, data protection, tech hardware security), tech procurement (consultation, purchasing and installation of technology at home and for businesses, such as computers, laptops, smartphones, smart home devices, AV devices and network devices) and tech M.O.Ts  (safety checks for computers, laptops, smart devices and network devices).

Do you have any advice for students thinking about studying abroad?

His advice to anyone thinking of studying abroad is, “apart from reading The Student Press” he says with a smile, “Studying abroad is an opportunity in life where you will learn a lot about yourself. Go for it but make sure you have a strong strategy in mind. I would also advise people that networking is extremely important. Go to your seminars and take advantage of all the opportunities that London Metropolitan University offers you in terms of meeting industry professionals. Break out of your comfort zone. It is not just about your qualifications – it is also about doing that extra bit, planning ahead and most importantly, knowing the right people.”

Image of Bhooshanlall Parsunoo sitting in front of a computer