Adnan Pavel

For Electronic and Communications Engineering BEng graduate Adnan Pavel from Bangladesh, London Metropolitan University helped him find the way to realise his dreams.

Ever since Adnan was a young boy back in Bangladesh, he knew that he wanted to do something with his life which made a positive contribution to society. “I wanted to do something amazing with my life but I was unsure of how I would do this”. As his uncle is a senior military officer, Adnan followed in his footsteps and went to Sylhet Cadet College, a military college to complete his A-levels with a view to making a positive contribution to Bangladesh through serving his country in the national army. However, after completing his A-levels, Adnan’s plans were destroyed when he realised that he was 0.5 inches under the minimum height of 5ft 4inches. 

“I couldn’t believe it. My plans were ruined just because of half an inch! My parents were devastated as well. That was when I started to look into the possibility of studying abroad.”

What inspired you to choose London and London Met?

It was during this time that the film, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was released. Adnan tells us that it was Harry Potter’s best friend Ron Weasley’s hair that sparked an interest in studying in the UK. The floppy, long hair of Ron Weasley somehow represented a sense of freedom to the military crewcut Adnan had, and he looked into his study options in the UK. It was also during this time that the mobile revolution in Bangladesh really took off. He decided, with the support of his parents, that he would study an engineering course in London. He enrolled in a Diploma course first before starting his BEng here at London Met.

When he came to London, Adnan was very surprised to find a cosmopolitan city full of all nationalities, cultures and religions. He made friends with all different types of people and felt grateful for this opportunity to experience and study alongside a wide variety of students at London Met. This opportunity improved his people skills and allowed him to be able to work alongside and understand the needs of many different people.

What did you do outside of study?

“To change the world you have to lead from the front, so to bring about change I am determined to become a politician. I want people in Bangladesh to have social security, to have access to better education, better healthcare and better prospects” commented Adnan. 

In his third year, Adnan was voted in as Students’ Union Vice-President (Media and Campaigns). He was also on the Board of Governors representing the voice of the students. His position during this year was extremely informative and gave him an insight into the world of politics. He learned immensely from the lecturers and senior members of staff that he met and liaised with and felt an enormous sense of satisfaction in representing the student voice and acting on behalf of their needs and aspirations. Adnan has since graduated and has secured a full-time post as Media and Campaigns Officer (Deputy President).

“I want to ensure students’ concerns are heard at the highest levels of the University,” he said. “I am sure it might be challenging but I am excited to take on the role during an important time for London Met” he said in response to his role.

Do you have any advice for international students?

“My advice to international students is to immerse yourself in British culture. There are so many things to learn, I don’t think that getting a degree is enough to make a positive contribution in life. You need to learn from others around you and become involved in the society you live in.”    

Adnan sometimes thinks to the future and of transferring what he has learnt here to his home country. He knows that as a young country, Bangladesh has huge potential. Although the infrastructure and national systems need improving, with the correct systems, support and education in place the young population of Bangladesh could make an enormous change to their country and the world. 


Image of male student Adnan Pavel