Dr Trushar Adatia

Dr Trushar Adatia has almost 25 years of experience of working in Higher Education (HE), including research, teaching and academic management.

“I initially joined the University as a lecturer in Chemistry and Polymer Science,” he said. “Soon after my appointment I took on the management of what was then the Extended Degree Programme in Science, Computing and Engineering.

“When I took on the course management of this programme, there were 20 students and a year later, student recruitment had increased to 100 and thereafter the growth continued. I’m really proud of this achievement as it has given a significant opportunity to a very large number of students to enter HE, who otherwise may not have considered studying at the University.”

Trushar is passionate about creating opportunities for students and has demonstrated this throughout his teaching career by developing teaching material that is accessible to students entering the system from a range of different academic backgrounds.  

“Having demonstrated my ability to effectively manage a large, and important, course provision for the then Faculty of Science, Computing and Engineering, I took on an academic leadership role in heading up the Faculty’s student recruitment and marketing activities.  

“In this role I was familiar with the course portfolio offered in life sciences but had to quickly learn the provision offered in the areas of computing and engineering. I really enjoyed this role. A few years later, I took on the position of Associate Head of the School of Health and Human Sciences and then became the Associate Dean of the Faculty of Life Sciences and Head of the School of Human Sciences.”

Trushar has now managed the School for seven years, but has maintained a close relationship with teaching.

“I still do a certain amount of teaching, predominantly in the area of Chemistry. My specialism is in X-ray Crystallography.”

As the Head of Human Sciences, Trushar has clear objectives for enhancing the School and its student outcomes.

“My vision and ambition for the School of Human Sciences is for it to be recognised as a leading provider of science education and training, not just in London and the south-east but further afield. I think the School has real potential both in terms of the staff expertise and its infrastructure to achieve that particular goal. As with all other schools within the University, our key criteria will be to focus on students’ academic and employment outcomes.

“We also need to be realistic in terms of how we can generate money from other sources. The Science Centre lends itself to that, and we are running a number of clinics through which our students gain valuable work experience. So the aim is to expand this sort of activity and be more of a community-focused science department, offering various health clinics and services to local people.

“I also think generally that we need to increase the number of links we have with employers. We already have very good links but we need to expand these so we can ensure that we have a curriculum that meets the needs of the employers as well as our students.”

For Trushar, it’s the mission and the opportunities created for staff and students that makes London Met a great place to work.

“It’s the diversity of the people who work and study here and more importantly the common goal we share – access to excellence. The opportunities we provide to our students and the success they achieve, against some very difficult barriers, gives me the job satisfaction that I desire.”  

Trushar says he chose London Met because of its vital work in driving social mobility and making a difference to peoples’ lives.  

“I’m here because I believe in our access mission. We do amazing things for our students and I enjoy working with colleagues who have a similar goal and mission in terms of making sure that our students achieve.”

Trushar is also a sports fanatic, who also loves to travel and read a good thriller.

“My interests are quite widespread. I play tennis regularly and am also a keen runner. I’ve done a couple of London marathons.

“I enjoy the outdoors so I’m always looking at opportunities to go camping and hiking. My other big passion is cooking. I do a lot of vegetarian cooking and I love entertaining. I have been fortunate to have done a lot of travelling and seen some amazing sites. I also enjoy reading – usually crime/thrillers.” 

Image of male staff member Trushar Adadia