Dr Tony Novak
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Dr Tony Novak

Having gained some experience as a trainee in social work, Tony took a four-year combined social science and social work course. On completion in 1980, Tony did generic social work and then moved into mental health rehabilitation. This was an exciting time for Tony as it was the start of the care in the community initiative and the hospital discharge schemes. Having worked as a manager in mental health, Tony opened a number of housing and rehabilitation projects. This led him to approved mental health training, where he worked in a Los Angeles training department.

As part of his own professional development, he trained as an Approved Social Worker, and his qualifications include Dip PG counselling, Dip PG Management, MSc in Health Planning, EdD (Doctor of Education) and Practice Educator.

In addition to social work, Tony has also taught on Leadership and Management courses and, with colleagues, developed an Early Years degree, all of which reflected his own post-qualifying studies. Tony has a well-rounded experience of teaching on most aspects of social work and the management of social work. In addition to Tony's social work teaching and tutor role, he also has responsibility for organising and supporting service users. The support and expertise that service users bring to the social work programme is long established and is one that the University is proud of.

Tony has presented at a range of conferences; education, social work and practice educating both in the UK and Europe.

Dr Tony Novak
Senior Lecturer in Social Work
E: a.novak@londonmet.ac.uk