Stuart Isaacs

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Stuart Isaacs  

University Teaching Fellow

Stuart has taught at London Met for eighteen years, part-time for the first two years and then full-time since February 1998. He is course leader for Social Policy and Sociology, as well as Criminology and Sociology. Stuart also has a background in political theory.

At present Stuart is the module leader for a range of classes: 'Social Problems' in the first year; 'Social Policy: Theory & Practice' in the second year; 'Homelessness & Housing Policy', 'Social Policy Dissertations' and 'Social Policy Work Placements' in the third year. He also leads on recruitment for the School of Social Sciences.

Stuart's publications include

 Social Problems In The UK: An Introduction (2014) S. Isaacs, Routledge; Contemporary Political Theorists in Context​ (2009) A. Clohesy, S. Isaacs, C. Sparks; The Politics & Philosophy of Michael Oakeshott (2006) S. Isaacs and Political Theorists in Context (2004) C. Sparks & S. Isaacs. 

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Stuart Isaacs 

Senior Lecturer in Social Policy