Dr Sahithi Siva

Dr Sahithi Siva  

Dr Sahithi Siva is the Academic Leader for Quality and Assessment, Computer Science subject standards board (SSB) Chair, and Business College of Athens (BCA) liaison.

For  School of Computing and Digital Media students for BSc/MSc projects:

Dr Sahithi Siva has supervised about 100 UG/PG projects in the field of Computing. In recent years, a majority of students showed more enthusiasm in taking up projects, mainly involving the use of Web technologies (J2EE, J2ME, ASP.NET) and some E-commerce applications. Some excelled in undertaking work in areas like Health IT, Routing algorithms, and in developing IT tools to support academic processes. Dr Siva has thoroughly enjoyed working with these students – they showed commitment and engaged well in learning new topics in delivering finished artefacts, and this was reflected well in their final grades and career choice.

Dr Siva has some project ideas for both PG and UG level students. These require advanced programming skills and good knowledge of Internet / Web Technologies. If you are interested, see Sahithi during her office hours. Sahithi would be delighted to listen to your ideas and provide required support if agreed to work as a team.

Room: T10-02, Tower Building

Phone: +44 (0)20 7133 4355

Email: s.siva@londonmet.ac.uk