Roger Gossett

Roger is a senior lecturer in sports science with the School of Human Sciences.

Photograph of Roger Gossett

Roger Gossett

Roger is a senior lecturer in sports science. He is interested in swimming coaching (Amateur Swimming Association - full coach) and all aspects of physiology related to the sport of swimming.

Professional Activities

Research into Learning and Teaching


Research interests

  • the use of technology to further the learning of concepts within science and mathematics
  • Gossett, R (2003) Using a computer simulation to enhance students' conceptual development: a pilot study. Investigations in University Teaching and Learning, 1 (2), 45-48. ISSN 1740-5106
  • Gossett, R and Haynes, R. (2004) An Interactive Computer Simulation for Learning Probability. Learning from One Another. eLearning conference 2004: Greenwich: UK, 16 June.


Telephone: +44 (0)20 7133 4686

Room: T12-04, Tower Building