Nasir Uddin

Nasir Uddin is an exercise physiologist and Lecturer in Sports Science.

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Nasir Uddin is an exercise physiologist, Lecturer in Sports Science and PhD researcher (Neuromuscular Physiology) at St Mary's University in London. His research currently looks at the neurophysiological changes after concussions and hypo-hydration.

Nasir graduated from St Mary's with a first-class BSc (Hons) degree in Strength and Conditioning Science, and then completed his MRes in Applied Physiology at St Mary's, graduating with a distinction. He has also completed a PG Cert in Translational Neurology from the University of Edinburgh, and is currently a member of the The Physiological Society.
He is the founder of Physiology in Combat; a site aimed at helping students/scientists/athletes learn all about basic physiology and interpreting combat sport related research.  Prior to this, he worked as a licensed British Weightlifting coach for the London Youth Games and set up Newham Weightlifting club for college students. He has also previously worked as a strength and conditioning (S&C) coach with various athletes/teams at Crystal Palace Football club, London Wasps Rugby club and various combat athletes. 

Nasir is currently the module leader of Human and Exercise physiology modules in the Sports Science BSc (Hons) and Sports Therapy BSc (Hons) degrees. He also teaches on the Anatomy and Physiology module for the Human Nutrition BSc (Hons)Dietetics BSc (Hons)Biomedical Science BSc (Hons) and Pharmacology BSc (Hons) degrees. He is interested in studying the neurophysiology of weight-cutting, hypo-hydration, combat sports and traumatic brain injury. Other interests include neuromuscular and central fatigue, neurodegeneration, overtraining syndrome and corticospinal excitability in health and disease. 

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Uddin, N., Tallent, J., & Waldron, M. (2020). Physiological and perceptual responses to a five-week pre-event taper in professional mixed martial arts athletes. The Journal of Sport and Exercise Science4(2), 90-9.
Uddin, N.,  Waldron, M., Winter, S., Patterson, S & Tallent, J. Impact of rapid weight loss upon self-reported concussion symptomology in combat athletesClinical Journal of Sports Medicine. (Pending publication)
Uddin, N., Tallent, J., Patterson, S., Goodall, S., & Waldron, M.  Corticospinal and Peripheral Responses to Heat-induced Hypo-hydration: Potential Mechanisms and Implications for Sporting Performance. European Journal of Applied Physiology. (Pending publication)


Nasir Uddin
Lecturer in Exercise Physiology
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