Muhittin Onadim

Muhittin Onadim is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Computing and Digital Media.

Bearded male lecturer Muhittin Onadim wears a black suit as he looks to the camera.

Muhittin Onadim is a Senior Lecturer at London Met and has academic qualifications in teaching and learning in Higher Education. His Master of Philosophy thesis was based on the design and performance evaluation of high resolution CCD scanning camera. He also holds a BSc in Applied Physics.

Muhittin Onadim has expertise in embedded microprocessor system design and development, software development for embedded applications, image and video processing systems and digital cameras and image acquisition. He is a member of the Centre for Communications Technology research group at London Met.

Muhittin Onadim is a Senior Lecturer with over 30 years of experience in microprocessor based embedded systems within the School of Computing and Digital Media. Over the years he taught modules such as microprocessor systems, electronic circuit design and development, embedded systems, data acquisition and interfacing. He has held course leaderships for the former Digital Communications Networks MSc, Mobile and Satellite Communications MSc and Embedded Systems MEng courses. He also coordinated postgraduate recruitment activities for the former Faculty of Life Sciences, Computing and Psychology.

Muhittin's main acitivities and interests are in the area of applied research and product development in automation and embedded systems. Some of the research and development projects undertaken include:

  • GSM/GPRS based power switch for highlighting the benefits of remote monitoring and control applications
  • wireless pulse oximeter for remote patient monitoring
  • astro-tracker for tracking celestial objects for astrophotography
  • hardware and software development for automatic door controller for Peugeot J9 minibus
  • hardware design and firmware development for UV exposure timer with memory
  • barcode based coursework receipting system for issuing receipts and recording student coursework submissions
Muhittin Onadim
Senior Lecturer
School of Computing & Digital Media