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Maggie Gold
Maggie Gold

Maggie Gold

Maggie Gold teaches on the Tourism and Travel Management BA (Hons). Her background is in teaching and research. She has published widely on cultural tourism and cultural events, including:

  • festivals and mega events
  • heritage and heritage interpretation
  • culture-based urban regeneration

Her books include:

  • Imagining Scotland (1995)
  • Cities of Culture (2005)
  • Olympic Cities (2007, 2011 and 2016)
  • Making of Olympic Cities (2012)



Maggie Gold teaches in the area of cultural tourism. Her recent research examines the way in which Olympic host cities have attempted to use the staging of the Olympics, Paralympics and Cultural Olympiads to tackle their urban problems and achieve a lasting and sustainable legacy. The third edition of Olympic Cities was published in July 2016 and evaluates the London Games, provides coverage of the preparations for Rio 2016 and the successful Tokyo bid for the 2020 Games. Currently Maggie is working on a new book Festival Cities.


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Book chapters and articles since 2013

  • Gold, J.R. and Gold, M.M. (2013) ‘Global competition, local agendas: Beijing, London, Rio de Janeiro and the unending Olympic cycle’ in V. Girginov, ed. The 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games, vol. 1, ‘Bidding, Delivering and Engaging with the Olympics’,  London, Routledge  291-303
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Maggie Gold 
Senior Lecturer in Creative Industries