Kevin Brazant

Kevin J. Brazant is an Academic Mentor and University Teaching Fellow who supports students and lectures on Youth Studies BSc and Youth Work BSc, as well as the Leadership in Communities BSc, the Social Work BSc and Social Work MSc courses at London Met's School of Social Sciences and Professions.

Kevin Brazant, Academic Mentor and Lecturer

Kevin Brazant

Kevin graduated from Middlesex University with Communication Studies and Information and Communication Technology BA (Hons). His career started in the media and creative industries with him winning a scholarship at the National Television and Film School (NFTS) in documentary film making and gaining awards for his documentary debut ‘Unheard Voices.’ Kevin has always seized opportunities to apply digital media, podcasting and content creation as part of his practice.

He then went on to complete his master's in Applied Anthropology and Community and Youth Work becoming a JNC qualified Youth Worker accredited by the National Youth Agency (NYA). He started lecturing at Goldsmiths University specialising in ‘contemporary social issues’ and has since gained fellowship with Advance HE, obtained postgraduate certificates in supervision practice, mentoring and coaching with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), as well as trained in psycho educational group work and couple psychotherapy with Tavistock Relationships (TR). He has recently completed his Masters in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education specialising in critical pedagogies and anti-racist practice within education.
He has an extensive background in youth, family intervention and community work. He is currently a challenge champ, sitting on the crime strand of the University’s ‘London Met Labs - Empowering London initiative.’ Where he undertakes research projects, provides practical support and shares his expertise with community based organisations, to find new and innovative ways to respond to the needs of communities. This also extends to his specialist consultancy, training and workshops to local authority stakeholders and partners in the topic of engaging multi ethnic men in crisis and black invisibility as part of reflective practice supervision.
Kevin has an unwavering commitment to working with fathers and includes him chairing the ‘Daddies Voices’ forum targeting the London boroughs of Southwark and Lambeth and funded by Impact on Urban Health. He is an adviser and a member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Fatherhood, with the secretariat being the charity Future Men. As part of children’s workforce and educational development Kevin’s mission is to standardise trauma informed coaching practices, which includes professionals becoming more cognisant of adverse childhood experiences and modern Masculinities as part of their practice.
His educational philosophy is linked to ideas of emancipatory pedagogy particularly in ‘critical pedagogy.’ Inspired by the work of Paulo Freire he sees his role as significant in developing ‘critical consciousness’ as part of a dialogic pedagogy among students, supporting learning which is ‘concerned with not only teaching students how to think, but to come to grips with a sense of individual social responsibility’ as part of praxis.
Kevin is particularly interested in oral traditions and exploring themes of decolonising education and applying critical race theory as part of an anti-racist pedagogy in education. His facilitation and design thinking skills enables him to co-create digital content (podcasts, infographics and explainer videos) with both students and staff using creative means to share ideas as part of a public pedagogy. He seeks to make research more accessible and in a language that all can understand.
Kevin prides himself on his diverse academic and professional background as influenced by interdisciplinary ideas and concepts from the fields of anthropology, psychology, design and digital media.
  • Awarded Senior Fellow (SFHEA) by Advance HE (2023).
  • Awarded for Leading certified Practitioner (CeLP) in Learning Development, awarded by The Association for Learning Development in Higher Education (2023).
  • Peer Reviewer for ‘Equity in Education & Society’ is a peer-reviewed journal with a focus on broad equity issues in education and society. The journal provides a central point for international scholarship, research and debates on policy and practice issues of equity in education, and in their intersections with society.
  • Invited by the University of Calgary to collaborate on their learning development project to Indigenize their curriculum by enhancing student learning experiences through the integration of teaching, learning and research (2022).
  • Nominated Teaching Fellow at the School for Pan African Thought (2022).
  • Nominated Associate Teaching Fellow with MA Consultancy working with a range of clients across the world, supporting them to developing equitable and inclusive structures and practices (2022).
  • External Examiner for University of Hertfordshire (UoH) Black Lives Matter: Resistance and Race Equity (2022).
  • Member of the Association of Learning Developers in Higher Education (ALDnHE)
  • Member of the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) for Higher Education.
  • Peer Reviewer for Certified Learning Development Practitioner (CeP) with the Association of Learning Developers in Higher Education (ALDinHE). Provides feedback and guidance for Learning Developers in Higher Education seeking to achieve Certified Practitioner status and ALDinHE professional values.
  • Academic member of the Men and Boys Coalition.
  • Member of the British Educational Research Association’s (BERA) Special Interest Group (SIG) On Race, Ethnicity and Education. (Not yet confirmed).
  • Member of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for fathers.
  • Member of Compassion in Higher Education: Embedding and Assessing compassion in the University Curriculum.
  • Recognised Challenge Champ for the London Met Labs – Empowering London initiative (2020).
  • Awarded University Teaching Fellow in recognition of excellent contribution to teaching and learning (2022). 

Kevin has an extensive background in youth, family intervention and community work. He is currently a challenge champ, sitting on the crime strand of the London Met Labs – Empowering London initiative, where he undertakes research projects, provides practical support and shares his expertise with community-based organisations to find new and innovative ways to respond to the needs of communities.

He is interested in opportunities to raise awareness of men and fathers' mental health and this includes him chairing the Daddies Voices forum in the London boroughs of Southwark and Lambeth and funded by Impact on Urban Health. He is an adviser and a member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Fatherhood.

Conference Papers, moderation and speaking engagements

  1. 'Disrupt the Discourse: Putting Critical Pedagogies into practice' as part of the Learning and Teaching Conference at London Metropolitan University (2022).
  2. 'Black Men and Invisibility' as part of the 'What are the issues that impact on black men's mental health?' As part of the APPG on Men and Boys issues (2022).
  3. 'Learning from the LADs (Looking After Dad Survey) lessons in father and male engagement as part of Social Work Practice.' At the Fifth Interdisciplinary Health and Wellbeing conference at London Metropolitan University (2022).
  4. 'Problem-Based Learning approaches in Practice Learning: Exploring engagement with men as part of social work practice', Buckinghamshire New University Talk as part of international Men's Day (2021).
  5. 'Promoting Positive Father Involvement as part of Social Work Practice' – A series of seminars presented as part of the North East London Teaching Partnership/ NELTP (2019 to 2021).
  6. 'Engaging with Black Indigenous People of Colour' (BIPOC) fathers as part of World Social Work Day and The Anti Racism Summit in Dover, Delaware US (2021).
  7. A Problem-Based pedagogy for engaging fathers as part of Social work practice. Presented at the Joint Social Work Education and Research Conference JSWEC conference (2021).
  8. Hosted and moderated ‘In conversation with’ Asim Quereshi, Dr Fatima Rajina, and Dr Nadiya Ali as part of the the Centre for Equity and Inclusion (CEI) launch and in support of the book launch I Refuse to Condemn (2020).
  9. Discussant on the CREATURE launch at London Met University – 'Reorienting cultural creativity The making of African Fashion' (2020).
  10. 'Black Men, mental health and invisibility' at Roehampton University's BAME Mental Health and Wellbeing Event (2018).
  11. 'I am an Academic, get me out of here! Exploring Learning Development in academic disciplines' as part of London Metropolitan University's Learning and Teaching Conference (2018).

Featured blogs, podcasts and documentaries

  1. How can mental health services better support men (2022).
  2. Talking about Toxic Masculinity in the work place (2021).
  3. 'Roles for Fathers and Other Men in Education. Leveraging the benefit of having men in children’s lives.' Featured article in Psychology Today Blog (2021).
  4. Disrupt the Discourse Project (2021).
  5. North East London Teaching Partnership, Academic in Practice Seminar series (2020).
  6. Association of Learning Development Expert profile (2019).
  7. Unheard Voices Documentary (2003).


  • Disrupt the Discourse: Applying Critical Race Theory as a conceptual framework for learning and teaching (2023). Special Issue on Equity & Inclusion Efforts: Tackling inequality in educational and other contexts. In Equity in Education & Society, Sage publications (forthcoming).
  • The Daddies Voices Podcast: Enabling the Voices of Fathers. Funded by Impact on Urban Health in partnership with The Social Innovation Partnership (TSIP).
  • The Disrupt the Discourse Podcast: Inspired by Critical Pedagogies and values of Social Justice in Education.
  • Disrupt the Discourse: A Digital Toolkit and curriculum Design Framework for putting Critical Pedagogies into Practice (2022).
Conference Papers, moderation and speaking engagements:
  • Presented ‘Promoting Positive Father Involvement as part of the National Network for Parents & Carers in Higher Education (NNPC) event ‘ The Many Faces of Fatherhood’ (2023).
  • ‘Disrupt the Discourse: Making space to talk about race as part of pedagogy’ presented at The University of Winchester’s third institutional Decolonising within and beyond the Curriculum event (2023).
  • Leeds Trinity University Disrupting the awarding gap and Decolonisation Workshop (2023).
  • LD@3 – Problem Based Learning (PBL) for engaging Multi Ethnic Men as part of Social Work Education (2022). 
  • Presented ‘ Problem Based Learning Approach to engaging multi-ethnic men and fathers.’ North East London Social Work Teaching Partnership (NELTP) Celebration of Social Work conference (2022).
  • Higher Education Research Group (HERG). Presented "Disrupt the Discourse" as a 'disruptive' pedagogy; exploring the purpose, philosophy/values and context of the project and the underpinning research methods and findings regarding the project evaluation following the pilot and implications for its future implementation (2022).
  • DtC at Aston presents 'Disrupt the Discourse: A Curriculum Design Framework for putting Critical Pedagogies into Practice' (2022).
Featured blogs, podcasts and documentaries:


Kevin, J Brazant, SFHEA, CeLP.
Leading Practitioner in Learning Development within the School of Social Sciences and Professions.
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