Dr Karin S. Moser

Karin Moser is a social and organisational psychologist, currently working at the Department of Psychology at the University of Roehampton London as well as being an Associate Professor at the Centre for Career Development and Continuing Education at the University of Bern, Switzerland.

Her expertise is in the areas of team work, information-sharing and knowledge management, self and identity and virtual collaboration and communication. Recent research projects focus on motivational processes in information-sharing, rewards and incentives for pro-social behaviour and the effects of status and cultural differences in online collaborations.

She is a chartered psychologist and member of numerous international professional associations such as AoM, EAWOP, EASP and SPSP. She reviews regularly for national and international science foundations and international journals and is a board member of several international postgraduate and executive programmes on social science methodology and statistics, leadership, mentoring for women in science, knowledge and information management and virtual work.

She has worked and held academic positions in the US as well as in several European countries and cooperated widely with national and international organisations and companies in applied research projects in the areas of knowledge management, ethical decision-making in health care, compliance behaviour, leadership, work motivation and management of virtual teams and use of electronic media at work.

Selected publications

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Dr Karin S. Moser

Associate Professor of Social and Organisational Psychology
University of Roehampton London