Ian Lowden

Ian Lowden is a highly experienced consultant providing advice in the areas of operational and strategic development, economics, business planning and development, forecasting/market research and privatisation in aviation. Ian was a Director and Managing Officer of Route Development Group, owner of Routes. Prior to this he was a Vice President and Partner of SH&E aviation strategic consultants. He has also worked for British Caledonian Airways and British Aerospace.

Ian is currently teaching on the Airline, Airport and Aviation Management BSc and Aviation Management in the Digital Age MSc

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Ian Lowden

Ian is leading the E-commerce module and lectures on Finance and Forecasting module on the MSc. For BSc he lectures in Commercial Strategy and Statistics. He is a visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster and has led training courses and workshops on behalf of private companies. His most recent presentation at Westminster was “Maximising airport revenue through the use of e-commerce”. He has chaired many conferences and made numerous conference presentations. He has previously run the 'One Week' MBA for Airlines with Professor Rigas Doganis.

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Ian Lowden,
Associate Lecturer,
E: i.lowden@londonmet.ac.uk