Dr Hassan Nabijou
Male lecturer Hassan Nabijou wearing a suit smiles to camera as he stands against a white backdrop.

Dr Hassan Nabijou

Dr Hassan Nabijou is a senior lecturer in the School of Computing and Digital Media. His academic qualifications include a PhD in Non-linear Analysis by Volterra Systems, an Msc in Digital Electronics and Instrumentation, a BSc in Electronic Communications BSc, and a Diploma in Electronics.

Professional affiliation

  • Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Dr Nabijou's academic interest is in the field of signal processing. Recent projects carried out at postgraduate level include:

  • speaker-dependent speech recognition by pattern comparison
  • blind channel equalisation
  • adaptive echo cancellation in telephone networks
  • acoustic echo cancellation
  • sub-band coding of speech for efficient communication

Publications since 2008

  • M E Brinson, S Jahn and H Nabijou, A hybrid Verilog-A and equation-defined Subcircuit approach to MOS switched current analog cell modelling and simulation in the transient and large signal ac domains, 17th International Conference Mixed Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, June 2010, Poland.

  • M E Brinson and H Nabijou, Z Domain Delay Subcircuits and Compact Verilog-A Macromodels for Mixed-mode Sampled Data Circuit Simulation, IEEE Radio Electronics & Informatic, No 2 (45), April-June 2009.

Room: T7-03 Tower Building

Phone: +44 (0)20 7133 2198

Email: h.nabijou@londonmet.ac.uk