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Dr Frances Tomlinson
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Dr Frances Tomlinson

Frances moved into Higher Education after a spell in the National Health Service (NHS) as an administrator, personnel officer and training specialist. She has developed and taught many modules in organisational behaviour and management - currently specialising in cross-cultural management.

Frances currently teaches modules in cross-cultural management, organizational behaviour, and research methods. She also supervises MA HRM students' dissertations. Her research interests lie at the intersection of difference and identity with organising, and she published articles in international journals including Organization, Organization Studies and Gender, Work, and Organizations. 

  • Schwabenland, C and Tomlinson, F. (2015, forthcoming) ‘Shadows and light: Diversity management as phantasmagoria’ accepted for publication in Human Relations
  • Tomlinson, F. and Colgan, F. (2014) ‘Negotiating the self between past and present: Narratives of older women moving towards self-employment’ Organization Studies 35(11), 1655-1675
  • Tomlinson, F (2010) ‘Marking difference and negotiating belonging:  Refugee women, volunteering and employment’ Gender, Work and Organization 17(3), 278-296.  
  • Tomlinson, F and Schwabenland, C. (2010) ‘Reconciling competing discourses of diversity? The UK non-profit Sector between social justice and the business case’ Organization 17(1), 101-121.  
  • Schwabenland, C. & Tomlinson, F. (2008) ‘Managing diversity or diversifying management?’Critical Perspectives on International Business, 4, (2/3), 320-333.
  • Tomlinson, F. (2008) ‘Positioning acts and identity effects: constructing identities for organizations in partnership’ International Journal of Public Administration, 31(9), 1003-1023.

Frances Tomlinson
Senior Lecturer in Organisation Studies