Dr Elaine Thomazi Freitas

Dr Elaine Thomazi Freitas is the principal lecturer in creative technologies and digital media and course leader for Music Technology and Production BSc (Hons). She is also a composer and a media artist.

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Dr Elaine Thomazi Freitas

Dr Elaine Thomazi Freitas is a composer and media artist. She received a doctorate in music (DMA) from Columbia University, NYC/USA and a master’s in music from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She had undergone an internship in Music Documentation at IRCAM (the Institute of Research and Coordination Acoustics/Music) in Paris, France, and now works as a Senior Lecturer and Course Leader in Music Technology at The Cass within the School of Art.

With an initial background in music, her trajectory had a further achievement with the inclusion of the visual element. Her works range from acoustic compositions to interactive media, the latter having become her main focus of research. She has embraced the use of technology as a means of artistic expression that adds to the artwork, never constraining the artistic conception and/or its realisation. Actively engaged in the contemporary performing scene, she has presented her works in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. Her latest works comprise a large-scale composition for alto flute with video-tracked live electronics and collaborative works with other composers in which she expands her live video practice.


Elaine's quest as an artist researcher has always been focused on the development of inquisitive approaches to music and video technology with emphasis on the interactive arts. Whenever possible, she introduces part of her personal questioning to the teaching/supervision practices. With this action, the research per se becomes part of the student contact eventually reflecting on their works. Elaine has kept an active research profile since the beginning of her work at London Metropolitan University. Her research output is eventually enhanced by the collaborative work with fellow lecturers and artists.

Elaine's areas of interest involves: music composition; computer music; music and video technology; interactive arts, performance and installations; contemporary arts; new aesthetics; noise and ambient sounds and images transformed into art materials and expressions; collaborations within the various artistic domains (dance/visual arts/poetry…); cultural diversity and interaction.

She has developed international links within Europe, the Americas and more recently Australia and East Asia, with increasing ties to Japan. This international practice has been a means not only of publishing her work, but also it has allowed Elaine to meet and connect with a vast number of artists, researchers and institutions.

Expertise areas

Computer music; music composition; digital video Interactive arts (music/video): performing and installations; collaborations between artistic domains (dance/visual arts/poetry). New aesthetics; noise (audio & visual) and ambient (spatial chaos/order) transformed into art materials and expressions; new techniques; music and technology; cultural diversity and interaction.

Research portfolio

 Impetus Angularis
Impetus Angularis 2013


 Impetus Angularis
Impetus Angularis Still from the live video

Still from the live-video 

 Impetus Angularis
Impetus Angularis Premiere


Aquarelles Stills from the live video

Still from the live-video 

Malleus「槌」- Still from the live video

Still from the live-video 

 The broken is the beautiful...
the broken is the beautiful…


Ascendant Descendant


Ascendant Descendant Still from the video

Still from the video