Dr Jo Cartwright

Dr Jo Cartwright, Head of Business and Community Engagement and course leader for the MA and PG Diploma in Human Resource Management

Head and shoulders shot of female staff member Dr Jo Cartwright

Dr Jo Cartwright

Dr Jo Cartwright was awarded her PhD in Business and Management from the University of Manchester in 2014. This explored the role of the customer on human resource management practices across the retail industry. Jo also has a master's degree in HRM and Industrial Relations from the Manchester Business School, as well as a BSc (Hons) Management.

Since completing her PhD, she has worked on a number of research projects on behalf of both national and international agencies, such as the Equality and Human Rights Commission and the European Foundation.

Her most recent role is focused on increasing the business and community engagement opportunities for our staff and students, and in doing so 'give back to our city' through knowledge exchange with our partners.


Jo's overarching interest is in conducting research (or providing knowledge exchange) that contributes to improving the experience of work, and reducing inequalities in the workplace.

She is a skilled qualitative researcher and has experience conducting interviews and focus groups at all levels of the organisation (including stakeholders too), data analysis, and drawing on her academic expertise around Human Resources Management to identify targeted recommendations. 

She is affiliated to the Work and Equalities Research Institute (University of Manchester) and Global Diversities and Inequalities Research Centre (London Met).

Jo is a course leader for the MA and PG Diploma in Human Resources Management, and lead modules Contextualising Management, Resourcing and Talent Development, Qualitative Research Methods, as well as supervising postgraduate dissertations. She is also an external examiner at Hertfordshire University for the postgraduate Human Resources Management course programme.


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Transformation Funding (January until June 2019/20 and 202021)

Small Business Leadership Programme (January until March 2021)



Transformation Fund, London Metropolitan University: £25,831 to provide  resources  to strengthen  our  student  consultancy offer, supporting infrastructure and processes that help students provide better quality advice for partner organisations (community and SME) within the city but also more autonomously, limiting staff input to general supervision and academic advice.


Transformation Fund, London Metropolitan University: £43,190 to support a joint proposal between the Guildhall School of Business and Law and the Accelerator to offer two gateways for work placement opportunities for our students in relevant local business and community organisations. Investigators: Jo Cartwright (PI), Christos Kalantaridis and team.

Jo worked on research projects for the EHRC and Eurofound; presented research at the ILO, and submitted evidence to the Centre for Social Justice Commission.

She has contributed to news articles published in HR Magazine and Policy@Manchester. I would be keen on conducting research, offering consultancy, CPD workshops or providing evidence on issues around the experience of work and inequalities in the workplace.

Dr Jo Cartwright
Course Leader for Human Resource Management MA and PG Dip