Devinder Curry

Devinder Curry is a Principal Lecturer in Criminology and Policing BSc (Hons) and has a previous professional background in the probation service. He is currently undertaking a PhD into irregular migration from India to the United Kingdom and its links to human trafficking networks and organised crime.

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Devinder Curry

Devinder teaches on modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate level on a range of criminology and policing programmes. This includes 'Introduction to the Criminal Justice System', which is a core module for all first-year undergraduates that looks at the agencies of the criminal justice system, as well as contemporary issues such as discrimination, international laws and state surveillance. In the third year of the undergraduate programmes, Devinder teaches 'Serious and Serial Offenders', which is a module that looks at serious crimes such as mass murder, serial killing and perpetrators of serious crimes such as sex offenders and psychopaths.


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Devinder Curry
Principal Lecturer in Criminology and Policing