Brian Dive

Brian Dive is a vastly experienced international manager, writer and consultant. He has lived in New Zealand, The Netherlands and the UK, having conducted assignments in more than 70 countries around the world. He is a graduate in Psychology and Business from Victoria University of Wellington and a Fellow of the Centre for Progressive Leadership at the London Metropolitan University.  
His career commenced in Unilever where he worked for many years, holding a number of senior HR posts, including Global Head of Organisation. He was chairman of the New York Conference Board’s Council on International Organisation and Management for 11 years, working with 30 of the world’s leading multinationals during that time. This experience enabled him to think through, develop and apply his unique ideas on Decision Making Accountability (DMA) as the bedrock of a healthy organization. 
It was first implemented in Unilever in 1997/98 across 100 countries. In 2000 he set up his own company, DMA Consultancy to apply these ideas in other organisations. The first to do so, in 2001, was Tesco. More recently his approach helped turnaround Northern Rock. Currently DMAC has helped to implement these ideas internationally in BT, Genus, DHL and BUPA. These principles have also been used to assess the effectiveness of eight major Whitehall Departments and four UK major local authorities, one of which, Croydon, won a prize in 2013 for the quality of its implementation. He has also worked in the not for profit sector.
He has over 45 years experience working in the realm of the strategic agenda linking strategy to organization design and people management. This has led to a focus in the areas of organization development, leadership and career planning, reward and change management in both the developing and developed world.  He has conducted consulting assignments in over 60 different client organisations, covering about twenty different industries in the private sector. Since 2000 he has worked with colleagues to craft and implement a unique approach to identifying secondary school teachers with potential to become leaders of secondary schools.  
He has written a number of articles for various magazines in different counties on the themes of people management, organization development, change and leadership. His first book, The Healthy Organization was first published in 2002, 2nd edition in 2004, being reprinted in 2007. His second book, The Accountable Leader was published in 2008 and was chosen as one of the thirty best business books of the year in the USA.
In 2010 he was chosen as Cambridge Who’s Who 2010 Professional of the Year in Organization and Leadership, and in 2014 he was awarded and honorary DBA from London Metropolitan University. 
Brian Dive