Andrew Didham

Andrew is presently vice chairman of Rothschild with a particular interest in risk and regulation. After some 16 years as group finance director of the Rothschild banking group from 1997, Andrew has a deep knowledge and experience of financial markets gained through both boom and crash at the centre of London’s financial markets.

Rothschild’s is present in some 40 countries with over 900 advisors providing impartial advice and execution services to governments, corporations, institutions and individuals through its Global Financial Advisory practice. Rothschild is also synonymous with the provision of private banking and wealth management services to individuals, trusts and foundations.

Its merchant banking arm has a long history of investing in debt and equity instruments, both with the group’s own capital and on behalf of clients. As a member of the senior management team, Andrew was responsible for the oversight of all aspects of the business and served on subsidiary boards through Australia, Asia, USA as well as Europe.

Andrew’s earlier career was developed with the international accounting firm, KPMG. Having qualified as a chartered accountant with the firm, Andrew specialised in financial services being appointed partner in 1990. As lead partner, he was closely involved in assisting ING Bank in their purchase of Barings, in developing KPMG’s business in the former Yugoslavia and various investigation assignments for regulators and business acquirers.

Andrew is an alumni of one of the university’s predecessor institutions and is happy to confirm that it provided him with a sound springboard for his future career in the City.

Andrew Didham