Amy Rogerson

Reporting to the Vice-Chancellor, Amy is responsible for maintaining strategic oversight and effective planning of the Senior Leadership Team’s portfolios to ensure delivery of the University’s strategic plan.


Additionally, as a member of the Senior Leadership Team, Amy supports the delivery of the University’s mission and corporate strategy, as well as compliance and governance activities.


Amy works closely with the Vice-Chancellor, supporting Professor Dobbs in the delivery of her responsibilities as the Chief Executive Officer. Amy is also responsible for ensuring that the Vice-Chancellor is fully connected with both internal and external stakeholders as well as sector-wide policy and political developments.


Prior to her career in HE, Amy worked in healthcare and construction. Amy grew up in Bristol and she has lived in Libya, Russia, Qatar, Angola, South Africa and Tanzania. She is convinced her life experiences have fuelled her passion for inclusion, women in leadership, and her commitment to continual learning in order to be an effective ally for underrepresented voices.


Amy says ‘I left school at 16 so I know what it’s like to feel like an outsider in senior spaces and institutions so I’m passionate about helping those around me unlock their potential to have fulfilling careers’.

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