Alex Krouglov
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Alex Krouglov

Alex has a great deal of teaching experience in interpreting, translation, and language training at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, as well as tailor-made courses. His particular research interests are liaison/dialogue interpreting in various contexts; the process of globalisation and its impact on translation; language change, language planning, politeness, and in terms of languages he is particularly interested in Ukrainian, Russian, and the Slavonic languages. 

Alex counts as one of his major achievements the publications of his English-Ukrainian Business Dictionary, and Advanced Russian Grammar book. He is an External Examiner for Bradford University, a Chief Examiner (Diploma in Translation) for the Institute of Linguists and an Assessor for the Praxis Community Projects in London.

Alex is a member of the Association of Language Learning UK, the British Association of Slavonic and East European Studies (BASEES), UK the Joint Inter-Agency Meeting on Computer-Assisted Translation and Terminology, JIAMCATT, UN, and the International Permanent Conference of University Institutes of Translators and Interpreters.

Alex's qualifications:

  • MA Translation, Interpreting and Language Training (Kiev State University) 
  • PhD Linguistics – Sociolinguistics (Kiev State University)

Dr Alex Krouglov
Associate Professor, International Projects Coordinator