Aleks Catina

Aleks Cantina teaches on Architecture BA (Hons), Critical and Contextual Studies and the Master of Architecture RIBA Part 2.

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Aleks Catina

Aleks Cantina leads the first year design team on the Architecture BA (Hons) course, as well as a variety of modules on the postgraduate professional diploma and masters' courses. Themes of his work currently include the role of making and craft in the provision of higher education in architecture schools. On equal terms with design Alek's research interests are directed at the field of architectural theories, history and interpretation.

The MA module The Problem of Irony explores of questions and observations around irony-work, as the possibilities of seriousness after certainty, or a critique of good intentions in architecture. The Question of Technology evaluates the evolution of the critique of instrumental thinking in the context of a renewed positivism. A View Made Unnecessary, the title of the paper he presented at the 2015 AHRA conference This Thing Called Theory, also results from the theory provision in the final year of the postgraduate school.

Aleks grew up in Romania and Germany, and moved to London to study architecture. After graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2006 he started teaching in the related fields of architectural design and theory. He has been a visiting tutor to few architectural institutions, including the RCA, The Architectural Association and the Welsh School of Architecture. He is currently reading for a Postgraduate Diploma in Leaning and Teaching in Higher Education.


Aleks’s most recent publication can be found online and in print in the 2013 edition of the IDEA journal.



 Aleks Catina
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 Aleks Catina
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