Emeritus Professor

Dr Adrian Murton

After completing his first degree in economics, Adrian specialised in Labour economics before making the shift into management, working in human resources management (HRM) and then as an academic.

In the past five years these interests have been complemented by a deeper engagement with organisational analysis and organisational dynamics, examining the "unconscious" aspects and "shadow side" of organisations. Through these he is exploring the different ways in which people experience management, and the ways in which they make sense of organisations and organisational life.

As well as HRM, Adrian has taught Comparative Management and Strategic Management to students in the UK, Malaysia, Singapore, China and Abu Dhabi. From 1992 to 2000, he was part of a small team that developed and delivered a flexible learning CIPD-accredited HR programme for the Ford Motor Company and the Benefits Agency. He also has extensive experience in developing and running short course, consultancy and in-company programmes with NHS Trusts, local authorities and a number of voluntary organisations.

Since Adrian has moved into higher education he has taught a range of topics within management, but his main teaching and research has been in the area of employment relations, combining this with a specific interest in aspects of labour law.

Dr Adrian Murton 
Emeritus Professor at Guildhall School of Business and Law