Sofia Akel

Sofia is an education activist and researcher, campaigning and leading work to tackle institutional racism in education, including the awarding gap, academic pipeline and decolonising education. She has worked in a number of universities and students’ unions, holding various elected, specialist and consultancy roles. Currently, she is leading London Metropolitan University’s race equity work for the Centre of Equity and Inclusion.

In addition, Sofia also works in a number of public-facing roles such as: journalism, historical and race-related research and consultancy with media and production companies. Most recently she worked with BAFTA award-winning director Aneil Karia and actor and musician Kano on his short-film/performance Teardrops, highlighting the disproportionate deaths of Black people in police custody in the UK.

Her recent report, Insider-Outsider (2019) examined the role of race in shaping the experiences of Black and minority ethnic students at Goldsmiths College and Students’ Union, which was covered nationally in the press. She has also written for international news publication gal-dem, on racism in education and the racially disproportionate deaths of COVID-19 in the UK. Some of her recent appearances and interviews include The Guardian, The Strategist (New York Magazine), Channel 4 News and BBC Radio London. 

Sofia Akel, Race and Equity Lead