Study tour to Krakow - March 2016

Pictured here outside the Schindler Museum are Patricia Aina, Eleonora Messuti, Zane Hiestand, Benn Kingsley-Joseph, Jana Tarbajova and Ivano Ripellino

The Criminology department organised a four-day study tour to Krakow, Poland in March 2016 to visit the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp complex and the Schindler Museum.

Dan Silverstone, head of criminology, and Devinder Curry, course leader for criminology, were accompanied on the tour by 11 undergraduate students from the criminology, criminology and law, criminology and psychology and criminology and policing courses. Prior to being selected for the trip, the students were required to complete and pass an assessment activity and meet other tour requirements around class attendance. The tour presented an opportunity to explore one of the greatest crimes in history and link it to the study of criminology.

Students had the opportunity to discuss and consider a range of issues related to the Holocaust and the impact of such crimes on the development of modern policies around genocide and the criminal courts.