While you are away

Arrival and departure certificates

Once you arrive at the university you must send us your completed arrival certificate as soon as possible. This should be signed and stamped by an officer at your host university and is to provide proof that you are fully enrolled overseas.

Download certificate now:     Certificate of arrival and departure.pdf

Before leaving, you must also get the Departure section signed off.

Final learning agreement

Some universities allow you to preregister modules before you arrive, others register you during orientation week.  Regardless, once you have finalised your class selection you must complete and return to us your Final Learning Agreement. If you do not, then your credit transfer may be compromised

Download final learning agreement now:  Final Learning Agreement.pdf 

London Metropolitan University re-enrolment

As you continue to be a student of the University during your exchange period abroad, you must re-enrol for the new academic year.  The university will email you to remind you exactly when re-enrolment becomes available online.

You access the re-enrolment via evision.  After logging in, select 'My enrolment' from the navigation bar, then follow the links. 

NOTE: to re-enrol successfully you must have registered modules with the University for the entire academic year (see Accepted students for more details) and have satisfactory fee status.

Stay in touch

We will send email reminders to you of tasks that need completing. Stay in touch and let us know how things are going.  If you have problems please do contact us.