Finding the right course

How do you decide where you want to study?  It's a very personal choice and you need to think about a variety of factors to do with location, environment, culture, living situation, money - all of which are important.

However, the most important factors are your academic choices.

How do you work out which partner is the best fit for you academically?

Firstly it's worth repeating that all the possible study abroad links are listed on our website under partners. So if it's not listed, we don't have a link.

Research modules & courses

1. Find out what are the requirements for your London Met courses i.e. what core modules you need to find matches for, what electives you can take, whether you can switch core modules around to take advantage of what's on offer at a partner university.  Make friends with your academic advisor!

2. Search the content of the courses at the partners (use the links on our partner universities to check for any restrictions) and identify those courses which you think match the modules you need to take for your degree. Then take these descriptions (as many as possible) to your Academic Advisor to discuss which of them is the best fit.

Will it match exactly?

All universities have slightly different courses with slightly different modules/classes and routes through the degrees.  In another country, things will be different.  Our links are very broad so we can't promise that all (or in some cases any) of our partners will have a perfect match for your course.  You need to look for classes which are a 'good fit' for LondonMet modules.  Think about key words that describe what's covered in your modules, don't expect classes to have exactly the same title or even the department to have the same name.  Be creative in your searches and you'll have more chance of finding something which fits.

Be flexible

The key to a successful exchange is flexibility!  It might not be possible to get into your first choice modules so you need to have valid alternatives.  If there is only one way to acheive your core modules, you might have problems.  Many students try to take as many electives as possible during their semester abroad so that they can take advantage of the interesting classes on offer - but that will depend on when you can take your core modules in London.

Good luck, happy hunting!