Accepted students

Accepted students

Once you have been accepted onto the programme by the International Programmes Office and we have nominated you to our partner university these are the next steps.

Prepare the application form for your host university

You will be provided with the application form for your host university either on paper or online. Do visit their website to read through the instructions.

You need to bring the completed application to the IPO. If you meet the grade requirement, we will send the form to our partner.

Usually you will need to include the following in your application:

  • application form
  • personal statement of motivation
  • official transcript of results
  • letter of recommendation
  • proof of English language (see partner details, not all require this)
  • photocopy of passport
  • proof of funds (an amount usually specified by the partner for immigration reasons)

Receive your acceptance packet from your host

You receive programme information and immigration documents from your host university and can now apply for your visa (apart from for UWI which is given on arrival).

NOTE: If you decide to withdraw from the programme at any stage, please let us know. Immigration documents must be returned to the host institution if you withdraw from the programme.

Update your student record to show semester abroad

Make sure your student loan is properly organised and, if possible, arrange early payment. Student Finance England may require confirmation from us that this exchange period is a part of your degree. We can provide this - just ask!

For the semester you are abroad you must ask your Hub to register you for the module code ABROAD. This tells the system that you are abroad for the semester and must be done in addition to the IPO notifying Registry that you will be away.  You must withdraw from any London Met modules for the semester abroad.

You must also register modules for the second semester before you leave. You will get the chance to change these later but you must register a full time course load in advance.

Apply for a visa

Please note that we compile this information to the best of our ability and update it as often as possible. However, you should always check the embassy websites for the most up to date information.


Check whether your host has F1 or J1 sponsor status. You must apply for the correct visa. You cannot apply until you have received your immigration document from your host. You will have to make an appointment with the US Embassy to have your visa interview.

You need to thoroughly read the information available to you online, including the information provided by your host institution.



Immigration document: I20

Application fee: $160
SEVIS fee: $200



Immigration document: DS2019

Application fee: $160
SEVIS fee: $180

Have a look at this helpful guide to the visa interview process on YouTube.


All students accepted onto the programme must apply for student visas in their home country. To do so it is necessary to obtain certificates of eligibility which will enable you to obtain student visas.

Please note that because the certificate of eligibility is valid for only three months from the date of issuance and it becomes invalid if the landing application is not filed within that period, Kansai Gaidai is not able to apply for it very far in advance. Therefore you should expect to receive your certificate of eligibility within the three-month period before the beginning of the semester.

Progress on immigration procedures can be retrieved from K-GENESYS, the application portal for Kansai Gaidai.

The best source of information on applying for your visa is on the Kansai Gaidai website.

Please also see the Embassy of Japan in London website for how to apply for your visa.


Students need to have passports valid for the length of the exchange programme. Students from Commonwealth countries do not need a visa to travel to Jamaica, Trinidad or Barbados. Once registered with the university, the International Office will apply for a study permit on your behalf. The fee for this is approximately $100.

Organise your accommodation, flights and insurance

Some programmes will offer accommodation and meal plans and some will have mandatory health insurance plans - details on the partner pages. 

You must get full health and travel insurance for the entire period of your exchange. This is VERY important! 

You can usually purchase health insurance via your host university.

You can apply for personal belongings cover under the university travel insurance but may wish to supplement this with your own cover.

Register for modules with partner

Many partners will require you to do online registration towards the end of the summer. They will send you information about this.

Keep in touch with the IPO

We'll be emailing you reminders and messages so keep in touch! If you need help, if you don't hear from us for a while, if your contact details change or if you decide not to take part any more - let us know!