While you are away

Listed below are some of the forms that you will need to complete after your arrival at your host institution. This paperwork is compulsory for all students who are eligible for an Erasmus grant. Please note that during your period abroad there may be requests from London Met International Programmes Office for additional paperwork to be completed as part of your Erasmus placement.

These forms will be given or emailed to each eligible student with an explanation letter and deadlines for the return of the completed forms.

Certificate of arrival and departure

This form is to show that you have arrived at the host university at the expected time and that you have enrolled at that university. It also forms the record of how long you have been there as the second section requires the date of departure to be confirmed by the host’s International Office.

It is essential that this form is completed and returned to us as soon as you have enrolled at the host university.

Once the first (arrival) part has been completed and signed, please return the form by fax to us and then hold onto the original form until the end of your stay.

Once you have completed your placement get the second part signed and return it by fax and post.

Failure to do this WILL result in your grant being recalled.

Final learning agreement

This form is to confirm the modules you are studying at the host university. It will be given in hard copy or emailed to students before their study period.

This form MUST be signed by you and an academic or International Officer who can confirm the modules that you are studying. You must then return the form, by post and by email, to the International Programmes Office so that your modules can be authorised by your London Met Erasmus Departmental Coordinator.

If there are any academic problems with one or more of the modules that have been selected, the London Met Erasmus Departmental Coordinator should get in touch with you to suggest any amendments. NB. When returning the completed form please enclose translated (if necessary) module descriptions to help the Erasmus Departmental Coordinators make a quick decision on your programme of studies.

Erasmus British Council report and LondonMet questionnaire

The British Council questionnaire is online for all Erasmus students to complete after their Erasmus period has finished. The link will be sent to students nearing the end of their stay abroad.

If you do not complete this form by the deadline given by the International Programmes Office you WILL be required to pay back your grant.

The LondonMet questionnaire is not compulsory but would be gratefully received by the IPO in order to assist future students with their choice of university. This will be emailed to students by the IPO.

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