How to apply

In order to successfully apply to become an Erasmus student, there are certain steps that each student must take (please see Where to start page).

The following information outlines the application documents, associated materials and steps involved that students are advised to follow in order to apply for the London Metropolitan University Erasmus exchange programme.

Firstly, you must have passed all your modules from the previous semester in order to participate in the programme. We will not send students who are failing modules to be ambassadors of London Met.

The deadline dates for applications are: 

Semester 1 (Autumn) September to January - April 1
Semester 2 (Spring) February to June - October 1 of the previous year

(this is the latest that applications can be accepted by London Met. However, the host institutions might have much earlier deadlines so you need to be aware of those as we will not nominate students if the partner's deadline has passed.) 

A complete Erasmus application comprises of...

Erasmus Outgoing Application Form

  • It is recommended you type your application. Please note that there is a limited number of places per host institution, therefore applications are treated on a first come, first served basis. Do not miss out. Lodge your application early!
  • Print your application. Have it signed by BOTH you and your Erasmus Departmental Coordinator (refer to "Outgoing Students Guide" for a list of Erasmus Departmental Coordinators) and hand deliver/post to: 

    International Programmes Office 
    London Metropolitan University 
    Stapleton House 
    277-281 Holloway Road 
    London N7 8HN 
  • It is important to note that some academic departments may have their own pre-application process in order to fairly select students for the limited spaces available under the Erasmus programme. Therefore, please check with the Erasmus Departmental Co-ordinator about departmental procedures.

Provisional Learning Agreement (PLA)

  • For your application to be formally accepted onto the Erasmus programme you also need to complete a Provisional Learning Agreement. This is a proposal of what you plan to study at your host university. You will need to discuss this with your EDC and have it signed by them. An approved PLA indicates to the International Programmes Office that you have the support and approval from your Department to study abroad. Keep in mind that that the PLA can be amended at a later date, however it will once again require a signature from your EDC approving the change. Joint degree students are also required to consult their Personal Academic Advisor & obtain approval to study abroad.
  • Once you have formally been accepted onto the Erasmus programme, the International Programmes Office will issue you with an acceptance letter. This will be given to you at the pre-departure meeting as proof of placement for funding bodies such as the SLC.

A Grant Contract

  • The British Council, who are the Governing Body for Erasmus in the UK, provide a contract which must be signed by the outgoing student and the London Met Erasmus Institutional Coordinator. The contract lists the terms of the Erasmus Charter which all students are expected to abide by during their placement abroad. By signing the contract (and thereby agreeing to the charter) students are applying for the Erasmus grant.
  • Please note that no grant is payable if students have previously been in receipt of a grant through the Life-long Learning Programme, such as Comenius.
  • The grant is payable in instalments of approximately 70% at the beginning of the semester (or each semester if staying for a year) with the remainder payable upon completion of all paperwork required by the British Council (normally after you have completed your stay abroad). Both the first and last instalments will be held back until all required paperwork has been received by the IPO. The required paperwork can be seen on the While you are away section of this website.

Insurance form

  • The university provides free travel insurance to students going away on Erasmus placements. The policy summary and an emergency number will be emailed to you before you go away as long as you complete and submit the form to the IPO.


Guide for Outgoing Students

  • General information guide to what the Erasmus programme is, and the steps students need to follow to successfully participate in the programme. You should make sure you read this before you apply! 



Open Language Programme

Opportunities exist for London Met students to take additional language units to gain a greater understanding in an offered language, and help minimise any language barrier on an Erasmus exchange. The OLP offer classes for both registered students and non-university students in the language of their choice. Please see the OLPs website for further information.

There might also be the possibility of taking free language courses in the summer before your placement which normally takes place in the host country. These courses do not include French, German or Spanish. Please contact the International Programmes Office for more information.