About Erasmus

Erasmus+ opportunities

As a student at London Metropolitan University, an opportunity may exist to study for part of your degree in another European country.

Erasmus+ is part of the European Union's Lifelong Learning Programme for co-operation in the field of education. Under Erasmus+, London Met has student exchange agreements with 30 partners in 13 European countries.

From your second year of study onwards, you can spend one or two semesters (academic year) studying at one of the University's partner institutions, depending on your degree course. The period abroad will be fully accredited towards your final degree and no fee will be charged by the host institution during your stay.

As an initiative to encourage student mobility, eligible students may receive an Erasmus grant. This grant is not meant to cover all your expenses (as if you stayed in the UK you would receive nothing) but it should help with any extra expenses incurred.

First year students

Although you are not eligible to participate in the Erasmus+ programme until your second year, now is a good time to research your opportunities abroad. You can apply while in your first year for second year participation. Planning ahead is highly recommended as for some of our partner universities you will require a reasonable knowledge of their native language. You may want to take advantage of London Met's Open Language Programme to brush up on your foreign language skills.

As many of the course modules at London Met now run for the whole year, this may affect your opportunity to study abroad for one semester only. Students hoping to go abroad for one semester in their second year should speak to their academic advisor about the modules that will be on offer for one semester only (if any) and if it would be possible to incorporate one semester of Erasmus into their degree programme.

The easiest scenario is for you to go abroad for a full academic year in the second year of a three-year degree or the third year of a four-year degree. You can also combine a semester in the USA/Japan/West Indies with an Erasmus semester.

Although it's technically possible to go away on Erasmus in your final year we do not recommend this, as delays in getting grades or transcripts from the host university may delay your graduation.