Creative Capital: London’s Art and Design

Why study this module?

This module considers how art and design artefacts, both produced and located in London, can be studied and understood in the context of the social, political, cultural and economic circumstances of their production or collection.

Throughout this four-week module you will study the art and design of London, with examples selected to represent the long, rich and varied history of London as a settlement. There will be a series of guided and curated visits to galleries, collections, houses and buildings that will reveal the range of artworks and designed objects in London and the purposes they served. You will be taken to both the world-famous cultural sites of London and some of the lesser known or hard to access places that offer insight into how art and design are inextricably linked with the economy, image and life of London.

All of our summer school modules are worth 15 UK credit points / 3 US credit points / 7.5 ECTS, and upon successful completion we will provide you with a transcript of records.

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Application deadline: 1 April 2021

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Entry requirements

You can apply for a place on our summer school if you are currently studying an undergraduate degree with another university. You should be in good academic standing, with a Grade Point Average of 2.7 or higher or a minimum C grade average or higher (for non-GPA grading systems). If you are a non-native speaker of English you should have an English language certificate, such as IELTS 4.5, confirming a level of B1 under the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

More about this module

During this module you will: 

  • understand artefacts of cultural production in their contexts 
  • learn how artworks and designed objects are produced, circulated and interpreted 
  • understand how meanings, values and contexts of artefacts change over time 
  • recognise concepts of value and worth attached to cultural artefacts and consider the effect of such judgements 
  • learn how to present outcomes of research appropriately and effectively 
Teaching and assessment

Throughout this module you will learn through a variety of methods including lectures, workshops and guided study trips to museums, galleries and other cultural institutions or places of interest. 

Assessment on this module will consist of two components. The first assessment item will include an illustrated case study of a site, artefact or collection. The other will be a journal of sites visited and you can decide on the form of the journal, eg film, photography or website.

Module fees

The cost of this module is £1,400.

If you would like to take two summer school modules, the total cost of your tuition fees would be £2,650. 

If you want to take this module alongside our Internship module, the total cost of your tuition fees would be £3,500.

How to apply

To register for this Summer School module you will need to fill in our application form below.

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Application deadline: 1 April 2021

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