Black Studies: Decolonisation and Dismantling Institutional Racism

Why study this module?

This module will provide an in-depth exploration of a specific form of racism, known as anti-Black racism, and the ways in which this permeates larger institutions and organisations such as healthcare, the judicial system and the media. Cases may be drawn from smaller companies. You'll be given valuable insight into the constructions of race and how it's woven into the social and political fabric of British society, with an introduction to decolonial lenses such as Critical Race Theory and Black Feminism.

You will explore multi-layered, nuanced narratives regarding the experiences of African and Caribbean Londoners, gaining a broad understanding of community organising in response to and in rejection of racist institutions. Additionally, you'll learn of the contemporary approaches to community and grassroots organising that hail from the streets of London, operating outside of ‘traditional’ structures.

All of our International Summer School modules are worth 15 UK credit points / 3 US credit points / 7.5 ECTS. Upon successful completion, we will provide you with a transcript of records.

Please note that this International Summer School module is currently subject to validation. In the unlikely event that a module isn’t validated by its start date, we will get in touch to discuss the options available to you.

Black Studies: Decolonisation and Dismantling Institutional Racism
Entry requirements

You can apply for a place on this international summer school module if you are 18-years-old or above.

You should have an English language certificate confirming your level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) qualification. Acceptable English language certificates include IELTS, Cambridge Advanced or Cambridge Proficiency Certificate, TOEFL and institutional tests such as those offered by the German Academic Exchange Service. Exceptions may apply if you are a native speaker or if your current degree is being taught in English (UK ENIC certification required). 

You may need a visitor visa to attend the international summer school depending on your nationality and personal circumstances. A standard visitor visa will cost £95 and we will provide you with visa guidance after you have submitted your application.

This module can also be taken in combination with our academic modules from session one. 

More about this module

Throughout this module you’ll:

  • understand the ways in which anti-Black racism exists within various institutions and organisations
  • communicate the ways in which African and Caribbean Londoners responded to, resisted and cultivated communities of healing in opposition to systemic racism
  • analyse multi-dimensional, complex narratives of inner-city London living, thinking beyond reductive mainstream racialised narratives
  • apply your critical thinking skills within the framework of decolonisation, looking beyond a colonial lens by participating in and discovering non-traditional modes of learning and assessment – this includes enhancing your creative skills utilising modern mediums such as spoken word, short videos and more in collaborative and independent study
Teaching and assessment

The assessment of this module will consist of two components:

  • An essay
  • Coursework based on a creative brief
Module fees

The cost of this module is £1,500. Discounts are available if you wish to take a module from each session. Please refer to the table below for information on the discounts available.

Price of one sessionPrice of two sessions
£1,500  £1,425 per module 
  Includes a £75 discount per module 

If you want to take this module in combination with another module from session one, the total cost of your tuition fees would be £2,850.

Please note: You cannot take more than one module per session.

How to apply

To register for this International Summer School module you'll need to complete our International Summer School application form.

Application deadline: 1 April 2022

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