Module selection guidance

All postgraduate modules run for a semester and most are worth 20 UK credits (10 ECTS or 4 US credits). You can choose modules from a master's course according to the semester in which you intend to study. The master's course should correspond to the course you are studying at your home university. At least one semester of a master's degree should already have been completed at your home university before you attend postgraduate classes at London Met. A transcript of classes taken and grades obtained must be supplied with your application.

You can follow any MA or MSc from the list of our postgraduate courses, as long as you are already studying that subject. The cost for each module can be found under the fees and key information section when you choose the part-time option.

Academic credit

Erasmus programme

If you are applying for postgraduate study as part of the Erasmus programme, you should take three modules per semester (or any number of modules that result in 30 ECTS).

Study in London programme

If you are applying for postgraduate study as part of the Study in London programme you can take either one, two or three modules per semester and pay according to the number you take.


For the most part, modules for our postgraduate courses can be found on our course pages. You can also search for modules in our online module catalogue

On each module page you'll find the following information:

  • teaching location – it is generally easier to choose modules at the same campus
  • teaching semester – make sure the module is taught during the semester for which you are applying
  • time slot – ensure you do not choose two modules that are taught on the same day at the same time
  • module summary – check that the content being covered is interesting/appropriate to you and how the module will be assessed

Please note that not all of the modules listed will be available and your intended study programme is subject to change. It is important to have approved alternatives in case of scheduled changes.