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English language requirements and information  

English language requirements

All of our courses require English language as a general requirement for entry. Some course have higher requirements than others, so it is important to refer to the appropriate pages using the links above, depending on the course level you intend to undertake.


Important notes for students from non-European/non-EEA countries

- Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree level courses (or above) require an English Language test such as IELTS or PTE for entry from any centre.

- Entry to our International Foundation Programme and our Pre-sessional English Programmes (all durations) require a UKVI approved Secure English Language Test (SELT) from a UKVI approved centre.

These requirements apply to all applicants that are not of Majority English Speaking nationality as deemed by the UK Home Office, or those who do not possess a degree awarded, studied, and conferred in a majority English speaking country. Please see above tab: English language exceptions for further details.

Exceptions for majority English speaking nationals and degree holders

Some students may qualify for exemption from the standard English language qualification requirements. Any exemption is at the University’s discretion. Please see below for further information.

Undergraduate applicants of Majority English speaking nationality which do not require a SELT to confirm English language competence will still be asked to provide a UK GCSE English language equivalent qualification, as part of the English language requirements for an undergraduate course.

Postgraduate applicants of Majority English speaking nationality, or those who have completed a UK Bachelors degree equivalent qualification (as conferred by NARIC) in a Majority English speaking country (including the UK and Ireland) will not be asked to provide an English Language Qualification, however confirmation may be requested that any teaching was undertaken in English.


Home office approved Majority English speaking countries

The confirmed list of Home office approved Majority English speaking countries can be found below. If your country is not listed you will be required to fulfil the standard English language requirements.

Antigua and Barbuda Canada Jamaica St Vincent and the Grenadines
Australia Dominica New Zealand Trinidad and Tobago
Barbados Grenada St Kitts and Nevis The Bahamas
Belize Guyana St Lucia United States of America

What is a SELT?

A Secure English Language Test (SELT), as defined by the UK Home Office (UKVI), is a test that is offered at an approved test centre and assesses the four skills of English Language: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, using the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) as a guide to English Language proficiency. SELTS are valid for a period of 2 years from the test date and must be valid for your visa application and enrolment. Further information about Secure English Language Test can be obtained here:


Why you need a SELT for university study

To be able to study a degree and get a visa for your studies you need to achieve the minimum levels in all four skills of a test. A SELT such as IELTS is requested by Admissions departments of UK universities as official proof that your English language is an appropriate level as required for the course you have chosen to study. Some courses have higher English language entry requirements than others

Assessment of proficiency in reading writing listening and speaking is also standard requirement for a Tier 4 (General) Student Visa for all non EEA/EU international students who wish to study at a UK university. The UK Home Office decides the minimum level required to qualify for a student Visa, and the University also sets its own English language requirement. For the majority of courses, the requirement is above the UK Home Office minimum level requirement. 


SELT Test Expiry Dates 

Most SELTs are valid for a period of 2 years from the date you take the test. Your test must still be valid on the first day of enrolment of the course you are applying, or accepted for. If your test is not valid on the first day of enrolment we will ask you to retake a test.

Popular SELT information

The most commonly taken Secure English Language Test (SELT) that the UKBA recognises is IELTS.


How Can I Obtain a Secure English Language Test (SELT)?

IELTS have test taking advice pages on their website, and we would recommend you do some research for each exam and find out about and prepare for the test. You will also find useful test materials and online practice tests for you to get an idea of what the exam is like, as well as when and where they are available.

If you can take a preparation course for the exam in your country it is a good idea to do this as it will help you develop better skills and exam technique. Some students do not get the scores they should do because of lack of preparation and poor exam technique, or not knowing enough about the different parts of the exam and what is required of them.


Test result timeframes

You should note the time that it takes to obtain test results below. It is important to plan ahead and get your SELT result to us in good time.

SELT nameDays for resultsRequired SELT evidence
IELTS 14 Days (posted to you) Copy of IELTS certificate



When you get your results

If you are already holding a conditional offer with us, you should respond to this offer when you receive the results of your test by uploading your chosen English language test certificate (official copy scans only). We will confirm and verify your results and contact you accordingly. You can upload your English language certificate by logging into the applicant portal with your username and password.


If your scores are too low: Pre-sessional English?

If you have not reached the entry requirements of your chosen course, then you may want to consider applying for an English Language course at London Metropolitan University. We have a number of courses designed to help you develop your skills for university study and assess your English to make sure it is up to the minimum level both for degree study and the entry requirements of your course.

Your English language skills and study skills are assessed throughout these courses, so if you successfully complete the course you will not have to take another SELT to progress onto your degree. You can find out more information about the range of courses we offer and how to apply in the tab bar below. See: Pre-sessional English courses.

English language courses

We offer English language courses for those who need or wish to improve their English language skills, including pre-sessional English programmes.

For further information and how to apply, visit our English language courses section.

UKVI Approved test centres

If you intend to study our International Foundation Programme, or are interested in undertaking a Pre-sessional English language course you will need a Secure English Language test (such as IELTS) from a UKVI approved centre**.


Find a UKVI approved centre


**Exception if you have taken your IELTS test before the 5th April 2015, you will not need to hold a UKVI approved centre test, and a test from any IELTS centre will be acceptable for courses starting before November 2015.

English Language courses at London Met