We CARE about your education

We are delighted to confirm that all of our courses will continue to be offered from autumn 2020. Our approach to supporting our students through these uncertain times is to show compassion, to make sure our courses are accessible, to show resilience, and to ensure that all of our students have an excellent experience. We call these guiding principles our CARE philosophy.

We will be COMPASSIONATE in our approach and ensure that we are flexible to meet the needs of our current and future students.

We will ensure our courses are ACCESSIBLE to all. We will be starting our term two weeks later to allow for maximum flexibility and we will be developing our curriculum to ensure that all students can succeed during the Covid-19 situation. 

We will deliver our courses on campus where it is possible to observe government guidelines and where we are confident that we can protect the wellbeing of staff and students. In the case where students are unable to attend these sessions as a result of ongoing health or travel reasons, remote delivery will be provided. We are well prepared to deliver a combination of on-campus and remote learning. 

We will ensure RESILIENCE. We will be unwavering in our commitment to be proactive and responsive to the changing situation as it develops to ensure that disruption to our students’ experience is minimised. Our approach will mean that we do all we can to ensure that none of our students are academically disadvantaged in any way. 

And finally, we will provide an EXCELLENT experience as standard for all of our students, regardless of whether they are studying on campus or remotely.