Oracle Certification Programme (OCP) - (short course)

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Why study this course?

Become an Oracle Certified Professional in database administration with this Oracle Certification Programme (OCP) short course. The small group sizes and individual support are designed to help you complete the modules at your own pace.

More about this course

The Oracle Corporation is the leading platform for database management systems used by multinational companies, providing enterprise software products to a diverse range of sectors. London Met has been a member of the Oracle Workforce Development Programme since 2007, helping students become Oracle-certified professionals. Employees with this qualification continue to be highly sought after and have the potential to earn higher-than-average salaries. 

This course is for anyone intending to take certification exams leading to the industry-recognised Oracle Associate and Professional certification. This evening course will enable you to acquire sufficient knowledge, practical skills and hands-on experience needed in the Oracle DBA environment in order to become an Oracle Certified Professional in Database Administration.

You can follow the course and complete all three required modules at your own pace. The small group sizes and individual support are complemented with plenty of hands-on experience, ensuring that you've got all the training necessary for becoming successfully certified.

Successfully completing this certified course is an ideal opportunity to add to your skillset and show potential or current employers your high level of commitment.


The course includes a one-hour theory lecture and a two-hour hands-on supervised lab-based session each week. In addition, you'll ideally spend two hours per week on individual study and practice. 

Each module requires a multiple-choice exam to be taken. There is flexibility in the programme, allowing you to take the exams in your own time and at your own pace.

Fees and key information

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Short Course
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Entry requirements

Fundamentals of SQL

  • None

Oracle Database 11g: Administration I

  • Working knowledge of SQL

Oracle Database 11g: Administration II

  • Oracle Database 11g: Administration I

Course structure

The Oracle Certification Programme (OCP) consists of three separate modules that make up the DBA pathway towards full certification:

  • Fundamentals of SQL
  • Oracle Database 11g: Administration I
  • Oracle Database 11g: Administration II

Fundamentals of SQL

During this module, you'll learn to:

  • use SQL and SQL*Plus
  • use SQL*Plus commands
  • filter and sort data
  • use built-in SQL functions
  • work with multiple tables
  • create and modify tables and constraints
  • create and use other database objects
  • develop subqueries
  • manipulate data
  • produce readable output with iSQL*Plus
  • create and use views

Topics covered include:

  • introduction to SQL and SQL*Plus
  • SQL*Plus Commands
  • restricting and sorting data
  • SQL Functions
  • working with multiple tables
  • tables and constraints
  • other database schema objects
  • subqueries
  • manipulating data
  • producing readable output
  • creating views

Oracle Database 11g: Administration I

During this module, you'll learn to:

  • describe Oracle database architecture
  • install and configure Oracle Database 11g
  • configure Oracle Net Services
  • manage the database storage structures
  • create and administer user accounts
  • perform basic backup and recovery of a database
  • manage users and schemas
  • manage data and concurrency
  • monitor and administer undo data
  • backup and recover a database
  • monitor performance
  • use the database diagnostic monitor

Topics covered include:

  • exploring the Oracle database architecture
  • preparing the database environment
  • creating an Oracle database
  • managing the Oracle instance
  • configuring the Oracle network environment
  • managing database storage structures
  • administering user security
  • managing schema objects
  • managing data and concurrency
  • managing undo data
  • implementing Oracle database security
  • database maintenance
  • performance management
  • backup and recovery concepts
  • performing database backups
  • performing database recovery
  • moving data
  • enhancingdatabase capabilities

Oracle Database 11g: Administration II

During this module, you'll learn to:

  • back up and recover a database
  • configure an Oracle database for optimal recovery
  • administer Automatic Storage Management (ASM) disk groups
  • Use an Recovery Manager (RMAN) backup to duplicate a database
  • automating tasks with the scheduler

Topics covered include:

  • database architecture and ASM
  • configuring for recoverability
  • using the RMAN recovery catalogue
  • configuring backup specifications
  • creating backups
  • performing user-managed backup and recovery
  • using RMAN to perform recovery
  • using RMAN to duplicate a database
  • performing tablespace point-in-time recovery
  • monitoring and tuning RMAN
  • using flashback technology
  • using flashback database
  • diagnosing the database
  • managing memory
  • managing database performance
  • using the segment advisor
  • managing resources
  • automating tasks with the scheduler
  • administering the scheduler
  • globalisation

Course dates

The Fundamentals of SQL
8 October to 10 December 2018 (only Mondays)

The Oracle Database 11g: Administration I
9 October to 11 December 2018 (only Tuesdays)

The Oracle Database 11g: Administration II
11 October to 13 December 2018 (only Thursdays)
Length   All run for 10 weeks
Day and time  

Fundamentals of SQL

Monday 8 October 2018 - Monday 10 December 2018, 6pm to 9pm

Oracle Database 11g: Administration I

Tuesday 9 October 2018 - Tuesday 11 December 2018, 6pm to 9pm 

Oracle Database 11g: Administration II

Thursday 11th October 2018 - Thursday 13th December 2018, 6pm to 9pm


Each module costs £485. Current degree students, alumni and staff receive a 10% discount, at the cost of £434 per module.

How to apply

To apply for the Oracle courses please visit our eShop. Those entitled to a discount (current students, alumni and staff) should visit the discount section.

All of our professional and short courses are subject to our standard Terms and Conditions . You'll be asked to confirm you agree to these before payment is made.

Please note, if you're an international student who needs a visa to study in the UK, the University will not be able to issue you a visa to study on this part-time course.

Once you've made the payment, the enrolment form will be sent to you by the Oracle course administrator.

When to apply

Please apply for the course as soon as you can to secure your place. The course administrator is Adele Almammedova.