Engagement: Measuring and Managing Employee Engagement for Organisational Success (short course)

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Why study this course?

This one-day course ensures that you gain a comprehensive understanding of employee engagement. Find out what motivates your staff and how to keep them focused on making your organisation a success.

More about this course

During this short course you'll learn how to measure engagement in the workplace and how you can respond with strategic initiatives aimed at improving levels of work engagement. It provides you with a comprehensive toolkit of intervention ideas that can result in enhanced engagement levels amongst employees. The course will also equip you with valuable knowledge that you can take back to your organisation and put to good use.

On the course you'll:

  • learn to understand and analyse contemporary employee engagement theory and practice
  • develop awareness of just how important employee engagement is for organisations and the factors that drive (and impede) optimum engagement
  • become familiar with the knowledge and skills needed to measure engagement in the workplace and to develop and implement strategic interventions and action plans in an organisational setting

Fees and key information

Course type Short Course
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Who's this course for?

This course is particularly suitable for human resources (HR) professionals and those wishing to work in people management. For those who already work in a HR role or who wish to specialise in the field of engagement, completion of this short course will provide an opportunity to gain specialist skills, knowledge and the competencies needed to apply effective approaches to managing and measuring employee engagement within different organisational settings. This will enhance your career progression and advancement, either within your current organisation or within another organisation.

Course structure

The course will be divided into the following sections:

Conceptualising employee engagement and understanding the business case for building engagement

This section of the course addresses such questions as: What is engagement? What are the key drivers of engagement? How can engagement improve the performance of our employees and our organisation?

Measuring engagement in the workplace and developing a strategic approach within organisations

Here we'll address such questions as: How can we measure engagement? How can we analyse the results? How can we respond to the findings with policies and practices?

Exploring the dynamics between engagement and employee voice, engagement and total reward, engagement and line manager behaviours

This section of the course addresses such questions as: What forms and styles of employee voice, involvement and participation are appropriate for improving levels of engagement? What is the link between our reward policies and engagement and what are the characteristics of engaging managers?

How to apply

To apply for this course, download and complete our Short Course Application Form and return it via email to Angele Cauthery at professionaldevelopment@londonmet.ac.uk. Once your application has been processed and you've been accepted, you'll receive an email with further instructions and information, including payment options.

When to apply

We're now accepting applications for 2017. This course can be arranged on a date to suit participants – please contact Angele Cauthery (a.cauthery@londonmet.ac.uk) for further details. 

We reserve the right to cancel the course at any time prior to its start date for any reason. If a course should not run, paid fees will of course be reimbursed in full.