The Museum of Happiness

Find new ways to be happy

Are those assessment blues proving to be too much to handle? Then head to the first ever Museum of Happiness.

The Museum of Happiness is a non-profit organisation, where people of all ages can learn the nature of happiness and well-being.

At the museum you'll find exhibitions, workshops, events and more, as well as science-based techniques for you to use in your everyday life. It is also 100% volunteer run.

The Museum of Happiness is currently occupying Canvas Cafe in Shoreditch, which is London’s first happy cafe. It is only closed Mondays; the rest of the week you can explore it for free.

Most days, the museum offers a wide range of events which are themed depending on the day. Expect events such as Feel Good Thursday, Free Your Mind Friday and Inner Peace Sunday. Plus, you can grab a cup of coffee for only £1.50. Pure bliss.

A book that reads happy on its cover