The best apps for your mental health

By Communications intern, Amara Howe

Date: 17 May 2018

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, a chance to focus on and talk about the impact mental health can have on our daily lives.

Mental health is just as important as physical health, just because we can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it’s any less important.

As a student, pressures you face at university can have a significant impact on your mental health and learning to deal with these is vital for your wellbeing.

However, this is the 21st Century and support is available in your pocket! There’s been a steady rise of Mental Health apps for smartphone which have made therapy more accessible, affordable and portable.

Using methods including meditation, hypnosis and cognitive behavioural therapy, there are plenty of different apps suited to you and your specific needs.

Check out the best apps focusing on improving your mental health and general well-being.


Branded Apple’s App of the Year last year, Calm App is one of the most popular mental health apps around. Focusing on reducing anxiety, the app delivers meditation which is aimed to help you de-stress. Including breathing techniques, music, and sounds from nature, Calm gives you time to breathe and take a step back from whatever may be clouding your thoughts.


Help overcome negative thoughts and stress with Happify, the app which helps you gain control on your thoughts and feelings. Adopting techniques based around CBT and positive psychology, the app helps you break unhealthy patterns you may be subjective to and form new, healthy habits. 86% of its users said they felt better about their lives after 2 months of using it.


Providing online emotional support, 7 Cups connects you with a kind, compassionate and trained listener of your choice to help you vent whatever problems you might be having. With more than 160,000 listeners and licensed therapists available to speak to anonymously 24/7, this is the perfect app for connecting with others.

Super Better

Super Better is probably the best app for those of you who like gaming. Focusing on increasing resilience, the game will help you stay motivated and optimistic even in face of obstacles. This in return will help you adopt new habits, strengthen relationships and achieve lifelong dreams. A recent study by the University of Pennsylvania found that those who played the app for a month had improved mood and their symptoms of anxiety and depression decreased.


Using mindfulness and meditation, Happier’s mission is to provide you with the tools for a happier and more fulfilled life. Helping reduce stress and finding calmness, the app has hundreds of sessions to help support you and your brains thought process. Improving focus and attention, this app is an all-rounder for anyone needing some head space.