"Studying Art and Design at London Met helped me work in a Tech Start Up," says Esther Oluka

London Met graduate, Esther Oluka, describes how studying at the University helped further her into a career.

Date: 18 September 2017

Everyone’s career path is not a straight road, when picking what to study based on your interests and passions having an idea where you see yourself in five to ten years is also good. However this is always subject to change, but that can be a good thing. I studied Art and Design, with the aim to pursue a career in art and design fields or the creative industry, but I have ended up in the tech start up world working for an online rental market place Rentuu.

Studying at London Met was great experience and equipped me with a lot of practical skills which I have applied to working in Rentuu.com. Working for a start-up is very different to a traditional corporate role, here, you can have the opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge and experience scaling a business in a ‘Lean’ way, and I highly recommend any student or recent graduate not sure what to do, try to get work experience in a start-up company as you are not sure how and where the role could take you.

Being creative mind in a more logic driven start-up environment is very important as you are in constant creative flow, coming up with ideas constantly, which must be engaging and innovative. Studying the Art and Design course at London Met, gave me the right balance of being independent and resourceful, which enabled me to be able to hit the ground running in my role and get responsibility from the get go, which is quite integral in being successful in a role within an early stage project, this is a good way to be persistent and dynamic with you approach to work.

In the end learning about Art and Design helped me in trying to achieve the Rentuu mission of disrupting the hospitality and rental industries, helping consumers to customise their accommodation whilst also being sustainable.

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