London Met’s Snap! campaign shows you that London Met is listening

A new campaign from London Met, where every Tuesday and Thursday we will be sharing the changes the University has put in place for you, as suggested by you.

At London Metropolitan University, we are always listening to our students and their suggestions and are always open to new ideas and constructive feedback. In order to show that the University wants exactly the same things that students do, London Met is launching the Snap! campaign to show all the different improvements made in the last year. Every Tuesday and Thursday we will be sharing the changes put in place for you, as suggested by you.

Giving a voice to students

You said students must have a voice. Snap! London Met is committed to listening to the student voices. Why don’t you become a StAR? Every course at London Met should have a Student Academic Representative (StAR), elected by their peers to represent the voice of students on that course. StARs sit on course committee and other faculty committees to represent the views of students and give students a voice when it comes to making decisions. They listen to students’ concerns and provide feedback to the University.

Do you want even more of a voice? Snap! London Met introduced the student-led module feedback scheme. It allows you to give real time feedback on your modules while studying. In weeks 7 and 8, STARs from your course will introduce a survey. You'll be able to rate the teaching, the resources, the support and the organisation of the modules you are studying and we'll ask you to tell us what works and what can be improved. These questionnaires are confidential and can be filled out easily online and on your mobile devices. In weeks 9 and 10, your module leaders will respond to your feedback by discussing in class the necessary actions or changes to improve your experience. Your agreed action plan will be posted on WebLearn, discussed at your course committee and by January you will be given an update on the plan by your module leader.

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