“My time at London Met was amazing,” says Business Management graduate

Fernando Lucas Diez graduated from the University in 2016. He reflects on his time at London Met.

Fernando Lucas Diez graduated in 2016 with a BA (Hons) in Business Management and a foundation degree in Business. He now works for a multinational satellite communications company as a Group Accountant. 

“My time at London Met was amazing. Studying there was a great experience and I enjoyed meeting new people from different places,” he said.

“I really enjoyed the lessons,” he added. “The lecturers made us feel like we were part of the class all the time. The classes were entertaining, they make you feel more comfortable speaking and you can be as open as you like – you feel like everyone understands your opinions.”

After graduating, Lucas went on to complete an internship at Inmarsat – the company he currently works for.

“I found my current role by applying through the company’s website,” he explained.

Lucas made the most of London Met’s Career Service. “For me, the career service was perfect. It was free and the staff were very helpful.

“You really learn a lot, and it helps you make sure that both your CV and cover letter look professional.”

“During and after university, I spent a lot of time networking. I think that networking is very important for students. LinkedIn is a very good tool,” he added.

His favourite aspect of his new role is the team he works with: “I really enjoy working with my team, because everyone has experience.

“They were all really understandable with me, because I was new and I didn’t know anything. I am learning a lot, because they are always helping me and teaching me.”

In his spare time, Lucas enjoys playing football and travelling. He likes to travel in order to learn new things and have different experiences.

He has previously spent time working in a refugee camp in Lebanon: “You meet different people and you see different places, but at the same time you’re helping people,” he said.

He has also completed an internship in microfinance in Bangladesh. This helped him with his dissertation, which centred on the subject of microfinance.