Joining the Green Society

Alisha Withem, who founded the Green Society, tells us why you should consider joining.

Date: 26 April 2018

Are you interested in cultivating an environmentally friendly lifestyle whilst at uni? Consider meeting new people, learning and gaining valuable experience all at once with London Met’s Green Society.

With the excitement of spring and Earth day, I have decided to write a bit about what students can do at London Metropolitan University to have a positive impact on the Earth! Join the Green Society and learn how to make simple and easy changes to live sustainably. As well as, gaining experience planning and promoting events to London Met students and staff that have a focus on environmentalism and going green.

I am Alisha Withem the president of the Green Society and a post-graduate student studying Public Health at London Met. I have a background in increasing food access and nutrition education within low-income communities. I came to London Met excited to use my experiences to get involved and learn more about health in relation to the natural environment; specifically, food systems and how to make them more sustainable not only for the people's benefit but also for the Earth's. After meeting London Met’s Sustainability team, I knew I wanted to collaborate with them to learn about London Met’s processes and promotion to make the University’s environment green. I found that there are not many students currently involved in this. With that, my goal now is to share my excitement and interest with fellow students in the hopes to increase interest in sustainability at London Met.

With that, I will be increasing Green Society’s capacity through promotion and planning fun, green events all students can attend! Did you know Holloway campus has a roof garden? There will be several events in the garden you can attend throughout May. If you are interested in this, spending time with nature and learning about London Met’s solar panel powered irrigation system, composting or gardening please join us! Along with gardening, we will also be having reading groups, discussions and yoga in this location. Dates and time to be determined. Also, there are events outside of the rooftop garden that focus on volunteering options, bike fix-ups, and fair trade! See the list below. With this being the start of the society, we are looking for people with new ideas and interests to develop the society and to make it well-rounded. With more students involved, the society can further it’s outreach in education and campaigning for sustainable changes within the university. We are also looking for people to really make the society their own and build it up for the 2018-2019 school year. Bringing students together at uni is important for London Met and the student’s development, both academically and environmentally.

Everyone is welcome, please email me with any interests, ideas or questions at

Upcoming events:

Bike fix-up: Holloway courtyard, Friday 27 April, 12-2pm
Frontier- volunteering opportunities abroad: Holloway Campus room TMG-78, Thursday 3 May, 12-1pm
Fairtrade chocolate tasting: Holloway Campus, The Rocket (backroom), Thursday 10 May, 2-3pm